The Glamille team sat down with the beautiful Josée, better known as @rubisjo on social media, to get to know her better. This fashion blogger has more than 15,000 followers on her Instagram account and shares with her community her looks all more elegant one another. You will certainly fall under his spell too! Here is the short interview:

What are your hobbies and passions?
Fashion, traveling, animals, flowers, DIYs, decorating and cooking

What’s your favorite fashion trend at the moment?
Bright colors such as lilac, orange, green and yellow! 80’s inspired looks with balloon trousers and oversized blazers, an oversized jean jacket and of course, linen clothes and silk/cotton/linen scarves. 


When did your passion for fashion first begin?
Ever since I was a child, my mother was very passionate about fashion and had a good taste for nice pieces

What’s your favorite style from Glamille?
I love everything Glamille has, but I have to admit I have a huge crush on all the booties! 

How do you style your MAYA olive sandals?
I like to style my MAYA sandals with all of my linen clothes such as shorts, pants and dresses for a breezy, summer look! The braiding detail on the sandal goes perfectly with this style and an added straw beach bag. Also, with a wide-leg palazzo pant and a nice belt or even with a silk scarf tied around the waist! I like to pair this look with a nice linen blouse that’s tied at the front and with a crossbody bag or straw beach bag for that perfect summer look! 


What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear Glamille?

Let us know if you enjoyed this short interview and which personality you would like to see us chat with next. We thank Josée for taking part in the game! 💚✨

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