Full front stretch technology

We know how hard it is to find a comfortable fit for your feet. That’s why we’ve developed a super stretch technology that will forever change the way you buy shoes. Each pair of Glamille shoes has a full stretch front that allows you to walk freely all while reducing pressure points that are likely to make your feet ache. Our shoes are perfect for those who suffer from foot problems such as Hallux Valgus (bunions).

Padded insole

Walking on clouds? That’s the feeling you’ll have when trying on our shoes. Each one of our extra-cushioned insoles will allow you to take on the day without any type of pain. Each insole is designed with the intention of keeping your foot supported and stable. Good-bye sore feet!

For the most sensitive feet

Each pair of Glamille shoes is designed with the greatest attention to detail. Always with comfort as our primary mission, each style is tested by our team before production is launched, in order to fully understand the conception of each shoe. Here at Glamille, we make sure there is no compromise on your comfort.

Made in Spain by artisans

Our shoes are meticulously made in Spain by a very passionate factory that has craftsmanship at heart. Our creator travels regularly to Spain and personally choses each component that goes into the shoes. She carefully selects only from the finest suppliers to offer you the best quality materials. All of our shoes are made from special crafted leathers and are all lined with high quality leather lining. Each pair is branded with our personalized golden embroidered logo and our unique gold tab on the insole. Each detail is attentively chosen, all the way down to our own unique zipper tab which is also produced in Spain.


Limited Editions

Each style we design is produced in limited quantities in order to offer our customers a more unique product. We want to make sure that you will always stand out while wearing our shoes. That said, If you see something you like, hurry! Once a style is sold out, it will not be coming back.

Local company

Glamille is a Canadian brand based in Quebec City. The brand belongs to a 3rd generation family-owned company that has been operating since 1959. We truly value this heritage and family bond, and firmly believe it is reflected in the products we offer. Glamille is proud to be the 4th generation of a company with such great values and high recognition in the province of Quebec.