A new trend has emerged that you’ve probably seen everywhere : on clothes, on hair accessories, on shoes, in makeup. BOWS. Bows are definitely the trend of the hour ! Bows for all for spring 2024 !

Here’s our newest styles that you’ll love to adopt the trend.

Our new wedge sole sandal LAUREN

Myriam, the designer of Glamille shoes has been inspired by numerous trends to create this wedge sole sandal. When she saw this sole, she had an instant coup de coeur ! Braided soles and jute imitation are still very popular this summer. You will also notice that in the sole, there are small sparkling details that add a touch of elegance to the sandal !

The choice of leathers and colors are also what makes this heeled sandal so special ! Offered in three different colors, metallic, black suede and khaki are in the spotlight.

The satin ribbons perfectly complete this sandal ! In addition to being trendy, this detail of style sublimes all the legs.

Like each of our Glamille shoes, the front piece is made from our stretch technology, removing all pressure points on sensitive joints and has an extra cushioned insole. You love this sandal but you suffer from Hallux Valgus (bunions)? You don’t have any more excuses to not wear what you love ! 😉

If you love our new LAUREN sandal, you’ll also love our TERESA sandal which is, still to this day, one of our best sellers ! Available in CAMEL, BLACK and OLIVE.

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