At Glamille’s, we develop new styles every season. The process for shoe development goes as follows :

Seeking inspiration. The creator of Glamille, Myriam, attends fairs across Europe where she discovers the colours, prints, and soles that will be trending for the upcoming seasons.

Creation of the initial prototype. Myriam puts her ideas on paper to create a style based on identified trends or requests from our clients. The artisans in the factories in Spain with whom we collaborate will then create a first prototype. Once the prototype is made, Myriam will test it to see if any modifications are needed.

Sample creation. Following the modifications, the "final" pair will be created and become a sample in size 37, which we will showcase at the fairs. This explains why we only have a single sample size. Subsequently, we will select the styles that have elicited the most reaction to proceed into production for our next collection.

Once in production, the style will be manufactured in all sizes offered at Glamille (ranging from 35 to 43 for several products).

The samples that are not chosen to be part of our next collection will thus become unique pairs of shoes in the world, in size 37! It is important to highlight that these samples feature the same characteristics as all our Glamille shoes: the stretch leather front, designed to alleviate pressure points on sensitive foot joints, and the extra-cushioned sole to ensure your comfort throughout the day!

Why are we selling those samples? The answer is simple : At Glamille, we aim to establish ethical and transparent practices. By offering the samples at low prices, we are giving them a «second life», avoiding the waste caused by the unused pairs after the collection launch.

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