The KATHERINE High-knee boots are one of our most-loved styles ! Classic high knee boots are very trendy at the moment, but it’s also a timeless boot to add to your wardrobe ! Discover in this blog post 4 different ways to style your KATHERINE boots.

With a trench coat

Style your KATHERINE boots with a fitted trench coat for THE perfect fall outfit ! Here’s an inspiration from Sacai Fall 2023 runway.

With a long dress

High boot look so good with long dresses! Have fun with prints, slits, different textiles, etc. Here’s a look by Sacai.

With a skirt

You love wearing skirts at work? Great ! Elevate your look by pairing your favourite skirt with your KATHERINE boots as seen at Sacai.

With delicate stockings

Add dimension with a textured sock underneath your high knee boot as seen on Chanel ! You can also play with a nylon sock or with a leg warmer.

Like each Glamille shoes, this style has extra cushioned insoles and a full front stretch technology to remove any pressure point. Thanks to its laces and elastic bands, this high boot fits all types of calves.

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