Interview with Martine Turcotte, image consultant

The Glamille team spoke with the sparkling Martine, who works as an image consultant, to learn more about her profession. Read on to discover this beautiful profession and to get to know Martine.

How did your passion for fashion begin ?

I wouldn't say I have a passion for fashion, since trends go by quickly. I would rather say that I have a passion for style! I love adapting to my clients and their style. For example, just because something is trendy doesn't mean we should adopt it if it doesn't suit our style. I love helping my clients find clothes that suit their style. This is very important to me.

What is your favorite thing about your work?

I love seeing the reaction of my client when she sees the outfits I created for her, which harmonizes with her style, her silhouette, her colorimetry and so on. I particularly like to teach my knowledge and how it is possible to express yourself through our wardrobe.

What was your journey to get to where you are today?

Hihi! I have a rather atypical background! I obtained my BACHELOR's degree in history. Then, I taught French as a second language abroad. I also have two certificates including one in Human Resources Management. As part of my job in human resources, I had to go through several interviews, give training, etc. I was then approached to start my stylist career. During the year that followed, I built my clientele. My passion for travel led me to organize fashion trips; we have gone to London, New York and the next one will be ... in Berlin!! I also took a course in Image Reading, which is why I use the term "image consultant" and not stylist. I am trained to advise as much in terms of hair, eyeglass frames, colorimetry, clothes, etc.

You travel a lot and you seem to love it! Does this inspire you for your job?

Yes, absolutely! I am very inspired by the style of people from different countries, cities, etc. My job gives me opportunities for which I am very grateful. For example, I had the chance to be an interpreter for Paris Fashion Week.

Tell us a funny anecdote that has already happened as part of your job.

Hihihi! One day I met a client at the store and we were dressed exactly the same way. The funny thing is that we hadn't shopped for the same clothes together as part of a shopping session.

Where do you find your inspiration to create looks?

Of course, we have already discussed this a little earlier. I find a lot of inspiration through my travels. I love sitting in a small café, watching the style of people passing by and trying to guess where they come from! I also like to get inspired in travel magazines; I look at the outfits that are presented.

What is your favorite style at Glamille and how do you recommend styling it?

The BILLIE sandal is my favorite. On my last trip, I wore it 10 days in a row!! I styled it with several different items: shorts, bermudas, linen pants, dresses... They are so comfortable! I also love SERENA sandals; I often wear them by creating a total white look and accessorizing with accessories of the same color as my sandal, rose gold!

This is the interview that the Glamille team had the chance to do with Martine, image consultant! If you wish to follow Martine on her social media, we invite you to subscribe to her Instagram account (@martineturcotte_styliste) as well as to her Facebook page (Martine Turcotte, conseillère en image).

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